Addiction Treatment

     With our Low barrier treatment method we can provide help for Opiate addiction in Canton Ohio.

You are busy with family, school, work and living your life

Our goal is to accommodate your busy schedule and make recovery easy. Ask us about visit frequency, counseling and tele-health options. You shouldn’t have to spend lots of time driving and waiting . 

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About Us

     We have been helping In Canton Ohio for almost 15 years. We started on Whipple ave , moved to Main Street then back to Whipple. We have 2 board certified addiction physicians and 3 psychiatric nurse practitioners making a strong team with skills to help with a wide variety of co occurring conditions.  We have a large partnership with other medical professionals to make sure you will get the care you need regardless of the condition. We are here to serve you.

Diversity and Inclusion

     We understand addiction affects every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and all dimensions of diversity. We strive to create a safe, respectful environment for all, all are Welcome! 


Our Services

Local Help Personal Touch

We are local and always available to see patients whether you do telehealth or in person visits. Canton Ohio is our home has been and always will be. We remain loyal to the people who make Canton Great!

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Comfortable Enviroment

We are all experienced and trained this shows in our "home like" office environment. You will feel at home with us! Counseling is either Tele-health, in person or group.

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Family Orientated

We are family orientated and will accommodate your family in any way you like. We welcome children and significant others to team approach treatment if you like!

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Latest Research

Our board certified addiction specialists keep up with the latest technology and treatments. We make sure you get the latest and greatest available!

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